PC Building Simulator – A Review

You would like to build your dream PC, but don’t know how? Then just practice with the PC Building Simulator!

You are normally playing on consoles or have two left hands? Don’t worry, the creators of The Irregular Corporation have thought of you as well. Because in the first of three modes, a tutorial, the developers explain everything to you so that even a noob beginner can build a PC.

If that worked, you can start the career mode. Then the first orders are coming in via e-mail – with a small increase in difficulty. Once the latest viruses have been eliminated, the first components need to be replaced; destroyed graphics cards included. If you want to test your skills, start the “Free Build” mode.

There are no annoying customers and no limits in the budget. Go on, build the best PC in the world on your PC! (logic¬† tho’)

Still small bugs
Not many languages are avaviable in the early version, but devs’ said they’ll come in the finished version. Also the were small error and bugs in the early access version. Delivered material did not show up in the inventory. Then you had to buy again.

But still, it’s a good simulator if you want to learn how to build your PC.

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