Pokemon Quest comes to Android and iOS Next Week

Pokemon Quest is the newest game of the Pokemon Series, first released on May 30 for the Nintendo Switch. Now Nintendo want to bring this game to mobile devices.

If you play this game, you will feel a lot like in Minecraft. Everywhere are blocks and even the Pokemons¬†and Humans don’t look like in real life and are blocks too. In this game you have to play with your favourite Pokemon against many monsters that want to destroy you.

The game is coming next week for Android and iOS. Now you can already pre-register on Google Play and the App Store and you will receive a notification when the game releases. Game release if on June 28.

The Nintendo Switch version became very popular within a short time. It has already got around 2.5 million downloads wordwide. So people really love it. After 2 days on the Nintendo eShop, the game got already downloaded over one million time for the Switch.