Rockstar Games Launcher offline for over 10 hours now

The Grand Theft Auto Trilogy finally came out, yay! But don’t think about playing it if you’re on PC. It doesn’t work at all.

Many people have waited patiently for the game release, but if you want to play it, you still cannot, because Rockstar’s servers are offline…

The game cannot update, you cannot play.

Rockstar Games’ first tweet suggests as it will be a short amount of time we have to wait to get playing.

But nothing has happened for the user, it’s still the same after these many hours. Now Rockstar Games put out another tweet.

Online services are working for consoles, but not for PC. And exactly on the release date of the new GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. I’m sure that has ruined many people’s day.

If only they could tell us the real reason and update us, obviously something major happened. Or just get the game on Steam without the Rockstar Launcher, there would be probably no problems and everyone could enjoy their game they paid for.

Check if it’s working now

To see if their servers are working again, click here and take a look.