Serious Sam 4 – New Cinematic Trailer Released

Yesterday a new Serious Sam 4 trailer got released on multiple platforms.

Devolver Digital and Croteam themselves have uploaded the trailer to multiple platforms and sheduled the release to 5PM CET. At some times, you could see around 3000 people waiting on the video to be released, maybe even more.

On the official Devolver Digital YouTube channel the cinematic trailer currently has around half a million views. That’s actually pretty good.

Many people did not like one particular thing. In the end of the trailer, you get to see the release date set in August 2020. Great and all, but there is no Xbox or PlayStation logo on the platform list. Only Google Stadia and Steam. That may be no problem for PC players, but for console gamers, it definitely is.

But don’t worry too much! Serious Sam 4 is supposed to come out to consoles in the next year 2021.