Serious Sam 4’s release date was on 13 August, but got changed

Serious Sam 4 is supposed to release in August this year, but the exact date is still unknown. But that may have changed.

SteamDB is a website where you can see all info about a specific game on Steam, may it be the price of the game in all countries or even small number changes.

In the info for Serious Sam 4 there was a change from the release date recently.

As you can see, the release date was changed back.

The release date was changed on August 13, 2020. So that means that the game is coming out at this date right? Well, we don’t really know, because yesterday, the developer of the game, Croteam, changed the release date back to August 2020.

There are thee possible things that could happen:

  • Game gets released on 13. August
  • Game gets released in August, but not on 13
  • Game gets delayed

Let’s still hope it gets released at least in August.