Serious Sam 4: Teaser Has A Very Obvious Graphics Bug

The teaser trailer for the newest game of Serious Sam has a really obvious graphics bug in it.

If you’re into these kinds of games like DOOM or Duke Nukem, then you will surely know the Serious Sam game series.

And of course, it’s great that a new Serious Sam game is coming out. And it’s called “Planet Badass”, so it’s even better.

But the teaser trailer of Serious Sam 4, which was posted last year, has a very obvious bug. Some flowers are just flying in the air above the ground for some seconds, while Sam is riding his bike beside the flowers on the street.

Game Breaking Bug?

Of course not. It may not look like a terrible bug, but if you’ve watched the E3 gameplay video of Serious Sam 4, you will get to know that this game is not finished yet. And it seems like Croteam just wanted to release the teaser to the public as fast as they can.

Still, many are very excited about the new Serious Sam 4 game. It should’ve come out earlier in 2014, but was postponed. Till now we don’t know when this game is going to get released.

Watch the teaser below.