Telltale Games Closing Down – But What About The Announced Games?

Telltale Games is closing down, but what about the remaining and announced Games? Will they still release? Read it here.

So sadly it finally happened what many gamers have feared, Telltale is closing down. That was announced today by Telltale Games on their social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

As you can see in this tweet they wrote that they are closing down and many employees of Telltale Games have already been dismissed. They wrote that around 25 people are still at Telltale Games working on something. But as you can see in this tweet, you don’t know on what they are working right know.

As reported on the USgamer magazine, they will not work on The Wolf Among Us 2 and Game of Thrones Season 2, and also their new project called Stranger Things will be cancelled as you can read here.

But what about the game that is currently releasing? You may know that we’re talking about The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Many has hoped that the remaining employees of Telltale are working on this game but as you can read it the linked article, they are not. Instead they are working on the Minecraft: Story Mode Netflix series. But maybe the second episode of The Final Season will still release on the 25th of this month.

A few weeks back Telltale has announced that they will stop using the Telltale Tool, their game engine, because it is outdated and very hard to update. They wanted to change to the Unity3D engine, because you can much more with it and it is used by many developers and that means if you have a problem using it, you can use one of the many forums available for Unity.

So they decided to change to Unity because of the reason above and because Telltale Games is related to Unity with their CEO. They will need to learn the new engine, because all the time they were working with the Telltale Tool. But know that the studio is closing down, means that they also dropped the engine change. Few weeks back they also said that Walking Dead: Final Season will be their last game made with the Telltale Tool and that the upcoming games like The Wolf Among Us 2 and Stranger Things will be made with Unity to have more choices and better graphics for the game.

We really hope that a big company like Microsoft or Sony will buy Telltale Games so they are still able to make story telling games.