Use Your Phone Smart And Save A Lot Of Money

A phone can actually save you a lot of money. Don’t believe it? Read here how it helps you keep your money.

This is a post I wanted to write for a long time, now I’m doing it. It will maybe take minutes, hours, weeks and then I will edit this post for sure in the coming months. Why do I write this? It’s for you to see that writing a post can take a lot of time and effort. So please bookmark Fawove :). But that’s not the point of writing this post.

Mobile phones… Most people on the world have at least one of them. They make calls with them and send each others SMS’s. And when they are happy enough that they are having a smartphone, it’s even better for them. You should know why.

With an smartphone you can do much more things that you can do on a regular phone, like a classic Nokia phone. You can watch movies and videos on YouTube, text your friends and family with WhatsApp, chat and meet people with Facebook and even pay for bills.

If you have a smartphone, you can do all things you can image with your phone, even without going outside. Now I will give you some nice examples so that you can compare what’s better for you. Real life or Online world?

A whole new world

With a phone you can watch videos, but did you know that you can also watch TV on it? Yes, you can because almost every TV show does have an online stream for people that want to watch on their computers, tablets and mobile phones. So just search for your favorite TV show on the internet and you will be able to watch a live stream of it. Keep in mind that they will provide this service for free!

You can send email with your phone as well! Many people know this already and do it every day, but maybe you did not know it yet. You don’t need to write a whole letter on a paper or your computer and have to print it out to send it away, no you don’t. Just sign up for one of many different email providers like Microsoft, Yahoo or Google. There you can log into your email account and start sending and receiving emails for free.

Set the clock on your phone instead with a real clock! Because you can do this much easier than in real life. Just open the clock app on your phone and there you can set an alarm and your phone will wake you up in the morning.

Meet people online, how is that possible? It is actually. You can view their photos, their birthplace and also you are able to chat with them. You cannot hug the like in real life but you can arrange a meeting so you can meet in real life. Just sign up for free on, the most popular social media website, and there you can set up your profile.

Now one of the most important reason is coming why you should use your phone: You can read newspaper. For free. Every newspaper. Don’t believe it? Well, just go ahead and search the web for a newspaper and you will be able to read it for free. Well, sometimes they come up with a paywall where you have to pay around 1$ or so to read the article, but don’t worry! Just search the title of the article in the web and some site has the same content available for free. Not always though. But it’s still better than paying for every newspaper.

On the internet are also free encyclopedias and dictionaries available for you to explore. The most important one and popular one of the world is Wikipedia. There you can literally search for anything that interests you. Every day many more articles are published to give the world the information it needs, for free. If you want to check your spelling and grammar than you can go to where you can learn how to spell correctly.

Do everything you want

If you want to watch a show on your TV and don’t want to watch on your phone, don’t worry it’s okay. But what if you accidentally lost your remote control for your TV? You can just go to a store and buy another one. But if you are lucky enough to have a phone with an infrared sensor, you will be able to control your device with that as well! Just download an app from the Play Store and search for your TV manufacturer. Now you will be able to control your TV too.

Of course there are many more reasons why a phone helps you to live a relaxed life, but I think these are the most important ones.

Maybe you think this article is for stupid people or whatsoever, but don’t forget that not everyone has a phone yet and people are still learning to use it correctly.