Walking Dead: Final Season: Release and Info of Episode 4 “Take Us Back”

In two days on March 26th, the final episode of Telltale’s and Skybound’s game “The Walking Dead: The Final Season” will be released.

This last episode will be titled “Take Us Back,” which means that you’ll be brought back somewhere. What exactly that means, which one unfortunately not yet. Since the fans have to wait a bit.

Skybound Games also shared a funny video on Twitter where Clementine’s spokesperson states the date of the release.

In addition to the third episode, there will also be an OVP version, which you can buy regularly in the trade.

Unfortunately, we do not know yet how the game will end with the last episode. But if it ends like Telltale’s first Walking Dead game, then Clementine sacrifices herself for AJ and something terrible will happen to her.

But of course, we do not hope so. Otherwise, we will not buy any more games from Telltale Games! Oh, moment! Telltale does not exist anymore …