WhatsApp allows only up to 5 Recipients for a Forwarding

WhatsApp want to limit of how many people you can share your text, image or else with.

To this date, it is still possible to send a forwarding up to 20l people you have on WhatsApp. But in the future it won’t work anymore. Because they have just announced that they will limit the forwarding to 5 people at once.

Facebook (WhatsApp’s owners) want to fight Fakenews with that method. The effect would be that a person who want to share Fakenews can only send them to 5 people, instead to 20 of his contacts. The person will then have to forward it everytime only to 5 contacts.

It can help fight “Fakenews” but it will probably not have a major impact. Because the person can still send them manually to his contacts, it just takes more time.

Expect this new update to come out soon.

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