When does Grand Theft Auto 6 comes out? Read it here

If you want to know when GTA 6 releases, read this post to learn more.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is anticipated by many GTA fans, and they want to play it immediately. But they cannot. Why?

Grand Theft Auto V still earns much money every year since it’s release in 2013. That means that you will probably have to wait a while more.

In-game screenshot of RDR2

As you may know already, Red Dead Redemption 2 recently came out and that means that this game will be Rockstar Games’ main title for some time.

But don’t worry! GTA 6 will definitely come, but you need to wait a little bit longer. According to experts in the industry, Grand Theft Auto VI will comeĀ at the earliest 2021 on the market.

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