Where to get game demos from the newest games

You always wanted the newest games, right? Well, there’s a possibility to get them.

Steam (steampowered.com) is a giant videogame website where you can buy thousands of games. But you knew that already.

But what many people don’t know, that you can download many video game demos from this site for free.

Wanna find them? Follow the instructions right here.

First, go to steampowered.com and then you will see at the top a button called “Games”. Navigate to it and there you can choose “Demos”. Now you can see the newest demos available. If you cannot find the site, just go to http://store.steampowered.com/freestuff/demos/.

Almost everyday a new game demo releases. Go to the site and there you will find a button called “Download Demo” or “Download PC Demo”. Then you will have to install steam, or if you have it already it opens automatically. After it has finished downloading, you can play it for free.

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