Why Serious Sam 2 is the best Serious Sam game ever made.

Serious Sam 2… What’s so special about this game? Read this post to learn about it.

Listen to this.. This game is one of the first ones I have ever played. Not only because of that it’s special but also it is the best Serious Sam game so far. I have read in many forums that people were complaining about Serious Sam 2 when it came out and I don’t understand it.

They wanted it to be like the First and Second Encounter. That means not so colorful and more serious… Even Croteam (developers of Serious Sam 2) said that the publishers of this game (Take 2) said that this game needs to be like it is now and not like the previous games.

Well, I think because of the colorful looks, the jokes and the better story than any other Serious Sam game, it’s the best for me. Now with Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass releasing probably next year that game will maybe be like the third one.. (as you can tell in the gameplay video)

Means not that great. But let’s see what Croteam will bring us in the future.