Why you should never buy a Laptop for Gaming

There are many reasons why you should never buy a notebook computer for games. Read here why you shouldn’t buy it for that.

So here you are… thinking about, why not? Well, here are some reasons.

The price

If you want to play games on your PC and you don’t want to spend much money, there is only a good option available: A desktop PC.
They are cheaper and stronger than laptop’s. But you can’t take them with you outside somewhere.


A Notebook

The performance

If you want to play quality games with top graphics or you want to record your gaming, don’t buy a laptop. With a laptop you will get much less performance than with an dekstop and the price if much higher. IF you don`t spend 600$ and up, you will see lags on AAA games.

The upgrading

If you have an laptop, and it’s a bit old and you want to play newer games, but you can’t because of the lags, then you probably want to upgrade your laptop. But this isn’t quite as easy as upgrading a desktop.

With an desktop PC you can just buy a gpu, cpu, ram and any other part of the PC. But if you have an laptop, you can’t upgrade it. You have to buy a new laptop and laptop’s with good graphics card costs a lot of money. But yes, there are some ways where you can upgrade your laptop. But you can only add a second gpu to it, no cpu. And it costs much money.

These were the most important reasons.