You can now play Half-Life Alyx on PC without any VR headset

Half-Life Alyx is probably the most immersive Half-Life game that ever existed.

Not only can you interact with many objects just like in real life. You have to play with a VR headset to see everything in the game in 3D and feel like you are in the game.

Playing the game in VR can be a really nice experience, but not many people can play Half-Life Alyx like that. Not only because they get dizzy while playing VR games, but also because VR headsets are really expensive.

That’s why there are people that want to make it possible for you to play the new Half-Life game without any problems on your PC.

Now you can play it without a VR headset.

There is a new Github repository that was created to help you play the new game how you want.

Just head over to this Github website and there you can learn and download the mod on how to play the game without a VR headset.