YouTube: New Video Upload Design is here! 1 Feature is really nice

YouTube has finally made a new design of the upload page, which still had the old theme of the YouTube site.

Some months before, YouTube has released the Studio Beta for some people. Now it is the default for newly registered users. But if you wanted to upload a video, you would still get redirected to the old YouTube design where you should upload your video.

Now, they have finally come with a new design, which has a very good feature.

How does it look like?

First, you should know that the new upload page may not be available to all users now.

You now have a new menu item called “Upload video (beta)”.
After clicking upload, this item appears where you can drag and drop your video, or select a video.


Then an animation comes, which lasts for about 2 seconds.
Now you can edit the title and the description of your video.
And more options like Playlists or Tags.


And the privacy settings.

What’s the cool feature?

After you have named your new video which you are uploading and after you’ve clicked on “Done”, this upload page will be hidden and you can freely browser YouTube Studio Beta.

That means you can edit your other videos, while your video uploads in the same tab!