YouTube Originals Will Soon Be Free For Everyone

YouTube will make a lot of changes to their videos called “YouTube Originals”

YouTube started its premium subscription models a year ago, but ever since, it is not profitable. Not enough people are having a subscription to YouTube Premium.
That’s why they are changing it now. YouTube Originals will be free for everyone.

When will it be free?

As announced by YouTUbe on this site, the change will happen on September 24, this year. So on this date, you are able to watch YouTube Original series for free without a subscription.

Future productions for YouTube Originals will be also free, but they have ads on it. YouTube is hoping to gain more money than with a sub-model.

For all the people out there who have the premium, the plan will still have benefits like watching YouTube without ads and downloading videos for offline watching.

But sadly, no Scare PewDiePie Season 2 will come.