​Dinosaurs And Humans Have Lived Together

We tell you how humans and dinosaurs have lived together.

100 million years ago there was the time of the dinosaurs.
There were many kinds of them.
For example those who ate meat and those who ate trees.
But did you already know that humans have lived together with the dinosaurs?
​Because that’s exactly how it is. They ate together,
played together, and slept together.
Because the dinosaurs and the humans were friends.
But there was also a kind of dinosaur that hated the humans and would’ve like to eat them.
And this dinosaur is called t rex.
​He always sneaked to the humans when they slept in the night.
​Because the t rex was so small that nobody hear his steps.
But one day a man was still awake at night and saw how the t rex ate one of the humans. The guy immediately throw his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at the dinosaur.
The Note 7 exploded and has knocked out the t rex.
The other people became awake and they were happy as hell. Now they had a nice breakfast for all humans.
Even a few dinosaurs ate with the humans.
Then the t rex disappeared in the peoples stomach and everybody except the t rex were happy.