After Laptop Crash: Strange Noises And Flickers On Display – What To Do?

Read here what you can do to solve this problem.

So if you have this problem after your Laptop crashed you should know several things. The good news are that your computer turns on. But you should read below how to fix this problem.

What could the problem be?

Of course you should first find out what the problem could be. The graphics card could be the problem, but also if the Laptop was charged on an power port where the charging voltage was not constant. Or maybe you over clocked the graphics card too much without having a good fan to cool the system down.

If you don’t think that could be the problem, then maybe it’s the RAM that’s damaged. If the Laptop was shutdown with the RAM in use, that could be the reason.

What do to to fix it?

First of all, you should try to restart the PC. If that didn’t helped, then try to start the laptop in safe mode. Maybe you wanna clean and fix the registry too.

The last chance to try to fix it: You should make a clean installation. But first upload your important files to a cloud service to secure it.

If all didn’t helped much, then your Laptop is hardware damaged and needs a repair.