How to find Hidden Games on Steam

Do you want to find your hidden Steam game so you can play it, unhide your game or maybe completely delete it? It’s a little bit hidden in the Steam user interface. Here’s how to find it.
But first we want to start from the begging on how to hide your game.

How to hide game
On the sidebar with your various games, select on with the right mouse button and go to Manage > Hide this game. Now the game is hidden, and you won’t find it any more in your list of games.

How to see your hidden games
Have a look at the top bar. Here you can find several options like Steam, View, Friends, Games and Help.
Click on View, and then you will get a dropdown menu and can easily click on Hidden Games to show the secret hiding place of your game.

How to remove your game from hidden games
On the side you can see all your hidden games. Right-click a game and select Manage > Remove from hidden. Now the game is not any more hidden.

How to see all games again
If you want to see all your games in the sidebar again, click on View again and select Library. Now you can see all your games again and choose which one you want to play next.