Android: How To Open Two Apps At The Same Time

Since the newest android versions, you are able to open two apps at once. Read here how to do it.

Opening two apps at once is a really cool feature. Especially on smartphones with big screens. For example, you can watch a video and write at the same time a text in your Blog.

How to do it?

  • Just open up an app and open up another app. Make sure you don’t close them.
  • Now open the list of which apps you have currently open.
  • Touch and hold the apps logo until an option comes up.
  • Tap on Split Screens.

Now you have to apps open at once!

Does it work on my phone?

First, you should go to your settings and look up which Android versions you got. If it’s a new one like Android 9, then you may use that feature.

If you also don’t have stock Android installed on your phone, go to your manufactures website to look up how to do it, because many companies change the settings in their own Android version.