Best Free File Hosting Sites

​We will show you the best free file hosting sites and give you alternatives.
We show you the best file hosting services on the web, give you informations about the pricing on their sites and the negative thing on such sites.




​6,000,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 292 Alexa Rank

Uploaded offers you 2 GB of free memory. Your files won’t get deleted as long as you register.

You can upgrade to 100 GB for 11 dollars per month, or to 500 GB for 49 dollars per month, or to 1 TB for 86 dollars per month. Does it look very expensive to you? Because it is. It makes way more sense to buy a hard drive, which is much cheaper. is not recommended by us.




35,000,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 110 Alexa Rank

On dropbox you get 2 GB of free space. However, the download and upload speeds are very slow.
You can upgrade to 1 TB for 10 dollars a month. The interface of dropbox is also not the best. You need to have an account to upload files.

Dropbox is one of the most popular and well-known free file hosting sites, because they spend tons of money for advertising. If you buy a samsung smartphone, dropbox is already installed.

Dropbox is very overrated because they spend much money on ads. There are better hoster on the web than dropbox.




22,500,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 171 Alexa Rank

On mediafire you get 15 GB free space. But if you want to download your uploaded files, you come to a page from mediafire with the download button and much ads. The whole site is full of ads and you can hardly differentiate ads from the real download button. Uploads and downloads are very slow.

You can upgrade for 5 dollars per month to 1 TB.

​Mediafire is recommended if you just want to upload some files and you don’t care about much ads.




16,000,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | NA Alexa Rank

Onedrive was founded by microsoft. You get 5 GB for free and you can upgrade for 10 dollars per month to 1 TB.

​Microsoft 356 (office) is also connected with onedrive so you can easily upload your files from there.




6,500,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 670 Alexa Rank

Mega is one of the best file hosting sites on the web. Formerly known as megaupload founded by kim dot com, who was born in germany and now lives in new zealand. The precursor megaupload was switched off because of breaking the law.

​On you get 50 GB completely free and the download speed is also very good.

You can upload 50 GB with your account, but you can only download 10 GB. Means you have to wait 5 months until you can download 10 GB again. But there are some ways you can bypass this (example, change ip address, but doesn’t have to work at all).

The prices for premium offers on mega are 10 dollars per month for 500 GB, but you only get a bandwith of 1 TB. This is the bad thing with

Mega is actually a good side to upload files, the bad thing is that there are the bandwidth limits. That is making mega worse.

Google Drive



18,500,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | NA Alexa Rank

Drive is the official filehoster from google. It’s probably used by the most people and the most popular. To upload your files, you need a google account. Simply create one at

You get 15 GB free space for your google account, which you can share with google photos, gmail and drive.

You can upgrade for 10 dollars per month to 1 TB.