Mullvad VPN got raided by the Police, they apparently found nothing

The Popular VPN provider Mullvad has had their offices raided by the Swedish Police.

The raid apparently happened on April 18th.

Mullvad themselves provides this explanation to their user base:

“Regarding your request for copies of decisions and reports

The Swedish Prosecution Authority has received a request for an international
judicial cooperation from another state, Germany, regarding a case ongoing in
that state. In accordance with this request, on February 17, 2023, I granted a
search of the premises of Mullvad VPN AB and Amagicom AB. This decision
was implemented on April 18, 2023.
According to Section 17, Chapter 18 of the Swedish Public Access to
Information and Secrecy Act, secrecy applies in activities relating to judicial
cooperation at the request of another state for information relating to an
investigation according to the provisions on preliminary investigation in
criminal cases or matters that concern coercive measures, if it can be assumed
that it was a prerequisite for the other state’s request that the information
should not be disclosed.
Your letter also states that the question has previously been raised with the
Swedish Prosecution Authority regarding this event. Unfortunately I can find
no such request or inquiry.”