How to activate the Ultimate Performance mode in Windows 10 and 11

Did you know that there is a secret ultra performance mode hidden inside of Windows 10 and Windows 11? Well, here you can learn how to activate the mode and maybe get more performance out of your PC.

It’s hidden

If you try to go to your “Power Options” in the Control Panel, you normally only find a few settings, maybe just one. But don’t worry! You can also enable it, so it will look like below.

The hidden Ultimate Performance mode.

How to unhide it

If you want to enable the hidden mode, follow the steps.

Press Windows key and R

Write cmd and press Enter

Enter the command powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61 and press Enter

Now open your Power Options, which are in the old Control Panel. You’ll see that you now have the new Ultimate Performance mode in the list. Activate it by clicking on it.


One of the most noticing things this mode does: It keeps your drives running. Your starting times of your hard drives may be really quick now, but they may not last so long now.

Also, you will use much more energy will your PC running at full power all the time.

If you have already used the “High performance” mode before, there will probably be not much difference. So, the best thing to do it stay on the “High” mode and sometimes change to “Balanced” or “Power saver” to save power.