How to get the UWP file explorer for Windows 10 and 11

The app called “Files – File Manager for Windows” provides a modern UWP version of the Windows File Explorer.

No more legacy Windows stuff, instead consistent design. You can also add tabs in the explorer to help you manage stuff.

But there’s one flaw: It’s slower than the normal file explorer.

The app has many settings

If you want to, you can take your time and go through all the settings and adjust them how you like it.

You can change the color of the app, what you want to have open if you start the app, or even adjust the sidebar.

How to get the app

The installation is actually easy and everyone can do it. You just have to click the link below, and you will be redirected to the Microsoft Store.

Once there, click on “Get” and the Microsoft Store app will open on your PC. In the Store app, just install the File Manager app, and you are ready to go!

Click to visit Microsoft Store