Why You Should Buy A Smart Speaker – Good Reasons!

The Google Home Mini, what is that?

Yes, many people don’t know what that is, they don’t even know what a smart speaker is. But there’s hope!

There are currently 2 good smart speaker which aren’t expensive, but cheap. So if you want to try one out, you don’t lose everything, they cost only around 30$.

You sure are interested with the names of those speaker…

One is from Amazon and is called Amazon Echo Dot. It is really cheap and you can use it for many things, but same goes for the other one…

The other one is from Google and is called Google Home Mini. It is also cheap and you can use it for the same things like the Amazon Echo Dot. But the Home Mini does have extra features, because Google owns YouTube and their search engine.

The Echo Dot uses Microsofts search engine Bing, which isn’t that good, because you will have less answers if you ask the speaker something. That’s why you should consider buying the speaker from Google, but of course that’s up to you what you want to buy.

With an smart speaker you can ask for the current time, weather, for the news, for a radio show, for math tasks and a lot more.