Everything About Windows 10 S – The New Windows

Microsoft has shown a new OS, Windows 10 S. It’s optimized for schools and universities.

What’s the price?
The new Windows 10 S will be free for everyone. But some functions of Windows 10 are not included in Win 10 S.
So it could be possible, that Computer producer like Acer, Dell etc. sell their devices with this free OS.

The new OS: Windows 10 S

When is the release?
It’ll be probably released in August, September 2017 with the new Surface Laptop.

Even a new Minecraft Version is being released. It’s called Minecraft: Education Edition, because you can play with your schoolmates and it’ll help you to learn programming.

If you want to use Windows for every software, you shouldn’t choose Windows 10 S, because you can only install apps that are in the Windows Store.