Facebook’s New Desktop Design Is Simple And Has A Dark Mode

Facebook is working on a new design for it’s desktop website. And it looks just like the Facebook mobile app. And that’s a good thing.

Facebook is the most used and most known social media website. Not only because it’s on the market since 2004, but it also features a lot.

But the desktop version of Facebook had a real problem for some time. It’s design. It doesn’t only look outdated, but it is also kind of slow. For example look at Twitter. Before they had their new redesign the website was fast already. And now with Twitters new design, it’s even faster. Plus you have a dark mode.

So many people have leaved Facebook and went to Twitter. Probably also because of the data breaches Facebook had. But let’s not talk about this…

Let’s look at the new Facebook Design for desktop, which will probably come out soon. If you look at the above screenshot, you see that the new Facebook looks a lot simpler and user friendly. The buttons and the text is also bigger so its easier to read. If you compare this new version to the Facebook mobile app design, you’ll notice many similar icons for Home, Watch etc.

Dark Mode?

It also has a dark mode.

One new and huge improvement is the option to change the Facebook design to a complete dark mode. Yes, also Twitter has this feature already for some time, but Facebook still have not integrated it, they’re a bit behind. You can already change Facebook’s appearance with some browser extensions, but this is not a solution, because these add-ons also slow down your web browser. So it’s good to see that they are following that trend to dark mode.

And sadly not even the mobile version of Facebook has a dark mode yet, but they said that it’ll be only a matter of time until the app has a dark mode too.

When is the release?

It comes soon.

We don’t know yet. If you go to Facebook.com/new and scroll down, you should see the text that says that they will notify you when the new design if available for you.

It may take some weeks or even months. So let’s wait!