Firefox and uBlock Origin are improving Tracking Protection – which is not possible in Google Chrome

uBlock Origin’s developer Raymond Hill is working on a new way to block tracking in Firefox. The special thing is that it won’t be working in Google Chrome.

You may know that Google wants to limit API’s for Chrome, so popular Adblocker don’t work like they used to. That means they will break and show ads again.

Many people dont like that, but sadly there is nothing you can do about it, because Google controls the API’s.

uBlock Origins developer doesn’t only want to keep maintaining uBlock, but also to improve its functions in Mozilla Firefox. This is a huge step in adblocking, because this way of blocking was never used before. Read about it below.

When Google Chrome’s API limiting comes to the stable version of the browser, many people will probably switch browsers to Firefox, because of not working Adblockers.

You may know that if you use Adblockers, you are taking away the revenue of websites like this. And this is a huge problem. If you’re so kind enough, please consider white listing this website, thanks.