Google Chrome: How To Add Bookmarks to Chrome

Learn how to add bookmarks to Google Chrome to visit a site in the future.

Sometimes you don’t know how to do stuff. That’s why we are here to tell you how to do it.

How to add a bookmark?

First, you should open Google Chrome. There you can visit any site you want. If you have found your desired website, click on the Star in the address bar, to add a Bookmark.


Want to find your bookmark that you saved earlier?

To do this, click on the 3 points More and choose “Bookmarks”. There you see all your bookmarks. Just click on one and you will be redirected to your desired site.

You can also edit and delete your bookmarks. To do so, click on More, then on Bookmarks and then on Bookmark Manager. There you will be able to edit the name, the URL and also to delete your bookmarks.

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