Google Chrome Now Has 14 Official Themes By Google, Including “Just Black”

The most popular browser Google Chrome has now 14 new themes which you can use to change your browser appearance.

It took a long time, decades, but it’s now there. You don’t have to install third-party themes anymore if you just want some simple colorful themes in your Google Chrome browser.

Google has released 14 new themes on its Chrome Web Store, which is popular to download extensions for Chrome.

How To Get These Themes?

First, you should use Google Chrome obviously. Then, navigate to this site, which is the Chrome Web Store.

Once there, click on “Themes” on the left side. Then you should be able to see them. It’s in the new section called “Published by Chrome”.

If you want to see more than the 8 themes shown, click on “View all”. Then you will see all the official themes. Maybe in the future, there will be more than 14 themes.

But sadly the address bar in Chrome is still white, whichever theme you pick. But that will be surely taken care of in one of the next Chrome updates.