Google Chrome now has a built-in Dark Mode

The newest version of Google Chrome Beta and Chrome Canary now has a built-in dark mode.

Many people have used extensions for years because the browser Google Chrome does not come with a built-in dark mode. Only a normal white theme which is very bright and can hurt your eyes at night.

But using a theme for Chrome is not always fun, because if you install any theme to the browser, you will still have a white address bar, which always will be white.

With the newest versions of Google Chrome Beta and Google Chrome Canary, you will now have a built-in dark mode, so you don’t need to install any themes anymore if you just want a dark theme. And the URL bar is also dark now.

How to enable Dark Mode?

Till now, it is not possible to enable a dark mode to the standard Google Chrome browser. It will come to the normal browser in several days or weeks.

But you can still use it if you download the Beta browser of Google Chrome or an experimental version of Chrome, called Canary.

If you use Windows and already have enabled dark mode in your Windows Settings, then the Chrome Canary browser will automatically also be in a dark mode.

If you use Chrome Beta, you have to do a workaround. Right click the shortcut of Chrome Beta and go to Properties. Then in “Traget” add this line of text to it and save it (–enable-features=WebUIDarkMode –force-dark-mode). Then if you open Chrome Beta through the shortcut, it opens up with a dark mode, but it’s still buggy.

(Download Beta, Download Canary)