Google Chrome: Stable Windows Now Has A Dark Mode

Many have waited for it, now it’s here.

The stable channel of the Google Chrome browser now has also in Windows a dark mode. Before the update, it was only possible to get a dark mode if you have installed the Beta or Canary channel of the browser.

The macOS version of Chrome although had this feature for some weeks now. But why it took longer to integrate it with Windows? We sadly don’t know.

But nonetheless, it’s good to finally see the dark mode in the stable channel of Chrome without having to be scared of browser crashes.

How to get the dark mode?

It’s really easy. First of all, you should update Google Chrome to the latest version. Go to the “three dots”,  Help, About Google Chrome. There you can search for updates.

If your browser has updated and you still see everything white, go to your Windows settings, where you can change the appearance of Windows. Change it to dark, and then the browser will also have dark mode.