Google is stopping support for reCAPTCHA version 1

Google has turned off its old reCAPTCHA. Website managers who want to still hold off automated access with Google’s help, they must now switch to a new version of reCAPTCHA.

If you want to protect your website from programmed or other unwanted access, you can use Google’s widely used reCAPTCHA. Google has now disabled the first annoying version where you had to type in specific words and they had to match.

v1 of reCAPTCHA

However, that does not mean that the work for you is over. For quite some time there has been an improved version and Google is explicitly calling for a switch to reCAPTCHA v2. For a smoother access there is a variant called “Invisible reCAPTCHA”.

This checks first in the background if there is sufficient suspicion of unwanted access, and only if there is , it changes to the unpopular picture puzzles. People then have to recognize and click on traffic signs or shop facades.