How To Add A Rounded Border To Your Image

If you need to make the corners of your picture round, you need to read this article.

If you need to round the corners of you image, as example, for an app icon or something else, then there’s an easy way how to do it.

Like the other article you’ll find on this site, has also a feature to make your corners round.

First go to the website by clicking here.

Upload your image and it’ll automatically make a rounded border.

You can vary the size of the rounded corner by typing in a number from 0 – 100.

If you’re ready to go click on “Go”.

Now if everything alright with your picture and you want to save it on your device, click on the left on the save icon “Save Image” and choose “Save as PNG – for transparent”.

Now you’ve got your rounded image in less than a minute if you was fast.
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