How to correctly put on a screen protector without bubbles and dust!

You ever wondered why there are so many bubbles on your screen if you try to attach a screen protector? Well, there are some reasons why this happens and you can pretend it from happening. How? Read it here.

So you want to know how? So first, make sure you buy a cheap screen protector, if you haven’t done this before. There are some good protectors on amazon.

If you have bought and received your screen protector, you can go ahead and try to put ’em on. But wait! Go to a room without many furniture. Because they make a lot of dust and it can destroy your screen protector.

Then go ahead and open it and use the little card to carefully brush it on the screen.

If you have done this correctly, you won’t have any bubbles and dust under your screen protector. But if you have some bubbles, you don’t need to remove it from your screen.

Just take and use the little card and brush away the bubbles from your screen.

Now you should have a quality-good-looking screen protector on your device!

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