How To Create A Shutdown Timer To Turn Off Your Windows PC

Here you will get to know how you can create a timer to turn your Windows PC off.

So, many people need something like that, but Windows doesn’t already have it integrated in Windows. A shutdown timer.

Why would I need it?
Well, if you are planning to download a big file and don’t have fast internet, then you will most likely download the file at night while leaving the PC on. And the PC will still be running, even after the download has finished. Or you are rendering a long video file. That basically takes your money out of your pocket, because you have to pay for the power.

How to create a shutdown timer?
There are some different ways to create it. If you look up the internet, they will mostly tell you one way: To do commands in your Windows command console.
But not many users know how to use it, that’s why there is an much easier version available. A program that does it very easy for you.

It’s simple, but it works.

It is called PC Sleep and with it you can not only set a timer for when to shutdown your PC, no you can also set a countdown for a restart, log off or a standby.

So, try it out if you need it, because it is completely free. Download is available here.