How to Download YouTube Full HD 1080p Videos

You want to download YouTube videos, but cannot figure out how to download Full HD or 4K videos? Read here how to download them easy with just one click.

You may have noticed, if you want to download a video from YouTube from yourself, from the YouTube Dashboard, then you can only download videos in 720p HD quality with max 30 fps. Why is that so? Well, nobody except YouTube knows. They have this feature for many years now, so it seems that this is outdated, because at this time you was only able to upload videos to YouTube with 720p and 30 frames per second.

So, there are many ways of how to download videos from YouTube. You can install and extension from your browser. But if you then wanna download a video, you will see that the max resolution is also only 720p HD. So you need something else.

There are two websites that I know who can download and convert videos from YouTube in 1080p 60fps quality. The first one is called
On this site you will be able to convert a video to an mp3 file, but also to download a 1080p video with 60 frames per second. Just enter the link of the YouTube video and choose your 1080p resolution and then click on Download and then it will try to download and convert your YouTube video, so you will able able to download it. After it has finished, you can download it to your computer by pressing the download button.

The other website-download-service is called, it’s basically the same as the previous one and you will also be able to download the videos with this method.

If both websites don’t work for you, then there’s another option that could help you, download your desired video.

You may have heard of the program 4K Video Downloader. With this program you can download videos from your PC and then it will automatically convert it for you. Just download the program, enter the YouTube link and then choose your resolution. You can also download 4K videos with 60fps.