How to fix the pending transaction error on Steam

If you currently have problems with Steam and purchasing your game, this post may be for you.

Well, there are different reasons why the “pending transaction” error comes up. Most of the time it has something to do with Steam itself. But don’t worry! It’s pretty easy to fix it.

How to fix?

First thing is you have to login in to your steam account on

Then click on your username and then on “Account details“.  On the section called “Store & Purchase History” click on “View purchase history“.

Follow the instructions

Now you can see all your purchases you have done on Steam. Spot the transaction you currently have problems with and select “Cancel this transaction ” and then “Cancel my purchase“.

Now you’ve cancelled your purchase.

Wanna try buying again? Just make sure Steam doesn’t have problems and try logging into a browser without any add-ons. That may help.