How to get a Dark Right-Click-Menu in Mozilla Firefox

I this post you will get to know how you can edit Firefox to make the context menu dark as well.

If you love using and browsing the web with Mozilla’s web browser Firefox, then this post is for you.

Some time ago, Mozilla released the dark mode for their browser Firefox. It looks nice and cool, but…

Sadly not everything in this browser has a dark mode. Let’s take for example the settings page, the addons page, and also the right-click menu. These things and more are still white and bright and are hurting your eyes at night.

That’s why it’s great that Firefox is open source and you can modify this browser very easily.

The best dark mode modification for Firefox is called “ShadowFox”. It’s a simple program that makes your Firefox browser dark.

How to make it dark?

It’s very easy. Just go to this website and click on Install. Then the page scrolls down and you can choose your operating system to download the right file.

After the download has finished, start the program. Now you can use TAB for selecting and ENTER for clicking. Choose your right profile and check the dark mode option.

Choose your profile and check the dark mode option

Now select “Install/Update”. After the installation has finished, you can exit this program and you have to start Firefox.

Click on install

As you can see now, everything works and the settings page and the context menu is now dark.

Dark context menu