How to get HTTPS and WWW back in Google Chrome

Since Google has decided to remove HTTPS and WWW in the URL bar, people are not so happy about it.

Even more angrier are people who are more advanced with computer. They used Google Chrome till now but since Chrome doesn’t display this no more, they are chaning to other browsers.

But you, who still uses Google Chrome and who want the HTTPS and WWW in the omnibox back, there is a solution.

How to get it back?

You simply type in your URL bar this: chrome://flags and hit enter. Now look for the search bar on the top of the page. Write in it “omnibox UI hide” and only 3 options in flags are left.

Look at the first two options called “Scheme” and “Subdomains”. Change their value to “Disabled” and restart the Google Chrome browser. Now everything is back to normal and you will see the full URL.

As you may think, Google will eventually remove these flags in upcoming versions of Chrome. What will you do when this happens? Change to other browsers? This may be the only option if Google decides to completely remove the full address bar.