How to get the Community Tab on your YouTube Channel

Get the community tab with one easy step on your YouTube channel page. Share videos and photos with your audience.

Ever wondered why many YouTube have this special Community tab on their YouTube channel, where they can interact with their fanbase? Well, there are reasons why they have this and you probably don’t.

But there are ways for you to get this also. In the next steps I am going to tell you how to be eligible for this new tab.

Your channel needs to look good. That means, that you should have a good YouTube banner header image that represent your YouTube channel. Also, you should have a nice Channel photo.

Also, you need to have an amount of videos and views on your YouTube channel.

You can do various things on the community tab

UPDATE: As of now, it seems that you don’t need 10.000 subscribers anymore. Just keep your channel fresh and hope that you will receive it fast!

Old message: If you are wondering, why you don’t have the tab even though you have a good looking channel – there is one last requirement that is usually the most important one. You need to have at least 10.000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.

If that look too much for you, you can still use the discussion tab to let your fans know what you think. But you won’t be able to post photos or polls through it.

Well, if you have reached all the requirements, you usually get the new tab automatically within few weeks. But if that’s not the case, then you should have contact with the YouTube support team and then they will activate the community tab for you.