How to Get the New Gmail Design in 2018

In this post I am going to show you how you can get the new Layout for your Google Mail Account.

Well, maybe you heard that Google rolled out an new design for their website at! Google is doing it recently to most of their apps and websites, because it has a cleaner look and is sometimes faster than the old design.

How to change the layout?

It is very easy. Just go to and login into your account. Then click on this button shown in the image.

Click on: Try the new Gmail

And that’s it! You just changed your Google Mail Design to the new one. Of course you can change it back, but that may not be forever.

Like on YouTube, after Google rolled out the new Material Design, users were still able to go back to the old design, but no anymore.

How does the new Gmail look like?

Here are some pictures of the new Google Mail:

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