How to get the Old Twitter Design back very easy

Since Twitter changed it’s design to a new one, many like it and many hate it. Here’s how you can change it back to the old design.

The new Twitter design is speedy, yes. But for many people it’s hard to get used to a new design. So that’s why many people wish the new design back. Obviously, Twitter will not change to the old design again and they will keep the new design.

It looks more mobile-like now.

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That’s why there are people out the that found out how to get the old design back on Twitter, because Twitter still has the old design in their database.

How to get it back?

It’s basically very easy. You just have to install a addon called GoodTwitter and Twitter will change to the old design.

  • For Google Chrome: Go to this site and download and install the addon. After downloading, just visit Twitter and you should have the old design back.
  • For Mozilla Firefox: It’s basically the same as for Chrome. Go to this site to download the addon. After adding it to Firefox, go to Twitter and you have your old design back.

It’s to be seen if this addon will work forever, or only a short time period.