How to hide and unhide games in Steam library

Here you’ll learn how to hide your games from the Steam library and how to get them back if you can’t find them anymore.

The hide games feature can be used if you don’t want other people to see your games if you take a screenshot, or maybe you just don’t want to see it yourself in the library. Or maybe you have beaten the game already and want it our of your life.

How to hide games

1: In Steam, go to your library.

2: Right-click on a game from the left sidebar or on one of the tiles in the middle.

3: Hover over Manage and then click on Hide this game.

4: Congrats, now you game is hidden from your Steam library.

How to unhide games

1: In your Steam library, click in the search box.

2: Type the name of the hidden game

3: Now you see a new category named Hidden. Now right-click in the sidebar on your game name and go to Manage and then Remove from Hidden.

You can also do it with the big tile: Click on Hidden and right-click on the big tile and select Manage and then Remove from Hidden.

If you have multiple games hidden and want one but don’t know its name, you should just type another hidden game name and open up the Hidden category to find your other hidden games in it.