How to remove Pocket from Mozilla Firefox

If you always wanted to disable Pocket from your Firefox browser, you can do it now. And it’s actually very easy.

Pocket is a feature that comes with the Firefox browser preinstalled. And that’s the problem. Most people who use Firefox don’t use Pocket sometimes it’s very annoying.

Why is Pocket annoying?

For example, it adds an extra option to the right click context menu, and makes it bigger. And you always have this Pocket logo in your URL bar that annoys people as well.

But the most annoying thing is, that if you use that feature that comes with Firefox and you want to register for Pocket, you will immediatly get the recommendation to get a subscription for the Pro plan, which obviously costs money.

So, better remove it to get a cleaner look of Mozilla’s very good browser Firefox.

It’s a bit tricky to remove it.

How to remove Pocket?

The sad thing first: You cannot completely remove it from the browser. It’s still in the Firefox code if you disable it. If you’re okay with that, let’s continue.

  • In the address bar (URL bar), type about:config and press Enter.
  • Then this message appears:“This might void your warranty!” Click “I accept the risk!” to continue to the about:config site.
  • Type pocket in the Search box above the list of the various options.
  • Double-click “extensions.pocket.enabled” to toggle its value to false or right click it and then select “Toggle”.

Now you have removed Pocket from your Mozilla Firefox browser.