How to remove the Megabar in the new Mozilla Firefox 75 version

Mozilla has made lots of improvements on the latest version of Firefox. They also made new changed to the user interface, and many people don’t like it.

The most obvious change in the new Firefox version 75 is the bigger URL address bar. Now when you click on it, a huge panel opens up with the recent URLs.

Also, if you open up a new tab, the address bar is usually automatically selected and will now show a huge URL bar.

How to disable it?

Don’t worry! You are able to disable this new “feature”. But also don’t be too happy. Mozilla already removed the option the disable the huge URL bar in the newest version of Firefox Nightly. People also don’t approve of that.

You have to go deep into Firefox.

If you are using the stable version of Firefox version 75, you can disable it with these steps.

  • Go to about:config
  •  Put in these options everything to false

browser.urlbar.openViewOnFocus -> false

browser.urlbar.update1 -> false

browser.urlbar.update1.interventions -> false

browser.urlbar.update1.searchTips -> false

Now everything should look normal again. Sometime in the future, when the Firefox Nightly build will become the Stable build, you have to use a custom CSS to change it back and cannot user the “about:config” method anymore.