How to Repair Broken AVI Video File with One Easy Step

If you have a broken AVI file and it doesn’t play, read this post to learn how to fix it very easy.

Sometimes if you record an AVI file with your camera or screen recording software and error messages appears like if your camera loses battery or your computer crashes then you cannot open your AVI video file.

To fix this there are some good and bad programs out there for you to use it. Many developers of the program charges money for this program. Here I am going to show you a good and free program.

How to Fix the AVI File?
It’s actually really easy. First, you should go to bandicam dot com and download the program, or simply click here. Then download this free program and run it.

After you have installed it, if you have a modern browser you can search in the Windows Search Bar for “Bandifix”. Or if you have an older Windows version, go to the folder where you installed the program and search for bandifix.exe.

Click on this button to search for your AVI video file

Run Bandifix and there you can open your broken video file. So search for it on your computer and after you have selected it, it automatically repairs if the file is broken.

There you can see that the process of repairing your video file is complete

Then you have to wait a little bit for it to repair and after it’s done, you can play your AVI file and watch it! This was the whole process of how to fix an AVI video file.