How to use Addons in Google Chrome

Here in this article you will learn how to use addons (extensions) in Google Chrome so you can personalize your browser!

In almost every web browser you can add extensions to it, so you can have much more features. There are addons who can block ads on all websites, make loading faster and much more. But how to use AdBlock is explained in another post.

So how you can add addons to Google Chrome?

Well, it is actually a bit more difficult in Google Chrome than other browsers, because Google hides that feature inside Chrome for unknown reasons. One reason may be AdBlock, because Google will earn less money if you use it.

First, you should open up Google Chrome of course. Then you can see under the adress bar a button called “Apps”. Click on it and you see various Google Services.

Chrome Apps

Click on Web Store and it will redirect you to the Google Chrome Web Store. There you can find many themes for your Chrome browser and of course a lot of addons. Type in your desired extenions in the search bar, for example “vpn”.

Many VPN Chrome Addons

If you click for example on “ZenMate VPN” you can view screenshots from the addon and read reviews etc. But of course you want to download it. To do so click on the blue button.

Click on this button to install the extension.

Then you click on “Add extension” and it will start downloading. After that you can start using the app by clicking on the icon in your browser besides the web adress bar.

If you want to delete the addon again, it get’s a bit more complicated. Go to your web adress bar and write in “chrome://extensions” without the quotes. Then you will see all the extensions you have installed. Click on delete and it will delete your addon.

You can also delete all the apps listed there to make your Google Chrome web browser faster.

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