Install FasterChrome to make Google Chrome and Chromium faster

Chromium (Blink) is one of the fastest browser engines. For some systems it’s Gecko from Firefox and for some it’s Blink.

Not many people are complaining about the speed of the Google Chrome browser. But what if you can make it even faster, without having to install another browser like Firefox?

The solution: FasterChrome Add-on

FasterChrome is a Google Chrome browser extension which will make your browser even faster. You cannot only use it on Google Chrome, but also on all other Chromium based browsers.

FasterChrome makes your browser faster.

It’s really simple to install and use. You basically just need to download and install the addon from the Chrome Web Store. For a link to download it click here.

After you’ve installed it, it’s already activated. There’s nothing more you have to do. You should also see an immediate performance boost in your browsing experience.